Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

A warm welcome creates an indelible first impression, and we offer it with sincere appreciation every time you come to us for your child’s dental care. We specialize in gentle dentistry for children, and we make our office a comfortable home of professional expertise.

As you may know, training for pediatric dentists takes longer than for family dentists. We use the extra preparation time to learn the best way to provide the gentle and enthusiastic dental care that children need.

Preparing for the First Visit

Anticipating any occasion may bring an enthusiasm that is fun to share, and we know that children can enjoy it as thoroughly as adults. Showing your enthusiasm for a trip to the dentist with your child can be a joy to share as well. Casually talking about it at home can build interest in seeing something new or going to a new place. The first visit is usually just an opportunity for us to meet your child on a personal and eye-to-eye level.

We respect a child’s right to be the focus of our attention, and we enjoy interacting with each one. During the visit, we show your child that the dental chair goes up and down, and you may choose to enjoy the ride too. We like to show a tool that we may use in a regular visit and explain what it does. We take a look inside the mouth to “count” the teeth and assess the soft and hard tissues, and we listen to any of your concerns.

 Stopping by to See the Office

We welcome you to stop by at any time that you are near either of our convenient locations. You do not need an appointment to take a look at our office and the comfortable environment that we create for children. You can enjoy seeing the relaxed setting that we provide with our multicolored van, codfish tank, or colorful office decorations.

 Enjoying Role-playing at Home

Your creative imagination can set the stage for your child’s first visit by pretending and role-playing. A picture book can give a child an idea of what to expect, but active participation may be especially effective. Letting your child play “dentist” by inspecting the mouth of a stuffed animal can help turn a visit into a happy occasion.

 Encouraging Praise and Distraction

We love to learn about your child’s favorite things and talk about them during each visit. Our goal is to present an atmosphere of safety and security that makes children feel comfortable in a new environment while we do our work. We praise them for everything that they do during the exam. As we distract their attention, we perform our job quickly and efficiently.

We invite you to participate in every phase of your child’s first visit. Your presence in the room has the most comforting and reassuring effect on your child, and we welcome it. When your child sees that you have a warm and friendly relationship with us, it creates a comfortable and pleasant situation.

 Choosing Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida

We are an award-winning pediatric dental health practice in the Orlando area. Our dedication to enthusiastically providing gentle and expert dental care is a commitment that motivates us every day. We have two locations that make access to one of our offices convenient for you.

We love what we do, and we have a genuine love and concern for children. Showing compassion with gentleness is a standard that we observe with pride, and we welcome your child with kindness and excitement. The playful atmosphere, cartoons, and fun decals on our office walls help ensure relaxation and confidence.

Our pediatric dentists and orthodontist have received recognition for notable achievement in training and practice, and we bring our dedicated commitment to excellence to meeting the needs of your children. In addition to routine care, we provide immediate response to emergencies when your child has a toothache, gets a tooth knocked out, or experiences a crown fracture. Our interest and attention extend from infancy through the teenage years, and it starts with your child’s first dental visit. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your child when you choose us as your pediatric dentist.