Sugar and Your Child’s Teeth

Establishing healthy eating habits early on is essential for the sake of your child’s health. The effects that sugary foods have on their teeth could cause multiple complications down the road. Many parents do not realize the negative effects that sugar has on primary teeth (i.e., baby teeth) or the reason that cavities develop. Understanding the foods […]

Easy-to-Follow Tips for First-Time Flossers

Flossing is extremely important to your child’s oral health, but it’s not a skill they will develop on their own. Learning to floss adequately takes time and practice. That’s why it’s important for parents to show their children the right way to floss from a very young age, even before their regular dental check-ups. Developing A […]

Is Fluoride Safe for My Child?

Everywhere you turn, it seems like fluoride is always there. It seems almost unavoidable. It’s in the water you drink, the food you eat, the toothpaste you use, and even in some of the vitamins and supplements you take on a daily basis. Is it really safe for your child to consume so much fluoride? […]

Is My Child Ready for Mouthwash?

Combining mouthwash use with regular brushing and flossing is a great way to prevent gum disease and gingivitis, but only if your child can use it safely. If you are thinking of adding mouthwash to your child’s daily oral hygiene routine, read on to discover when a child can safely use mouthwash some tips to […]

Are Pacifiers Really That Bad?

New parents are faced with many questions about what’s best for their babies. A common question we get from new parents is, are pacifiers really that bad and what are the pros and cons of allowing or not allowing their baby to have a pacifier? There’s no easy way to answer this question. We’ll list the […]

Scheduling Your Baby’s First Dental Visit

There’s something so special about a baby’s first smile. It melts your heart. You’d do anything to see that smile again and again. One of the most important things you can do to keep your child smiling is to make sure they have healthy teeth and gums. This not only includes helping your child develop a […]

Celebrate Tooth Fairy Day: The History of the Tooth Fairy

When compared with the other central figures associated with children’s mythology in America, the origins of the Tooth Fairy are somewhat mysterious. You know that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were brought about via a combination of pagan and Christian traditions; however, for the most part, the origins of the Tooth Fairy are somewhat […]

Talking to Your Teens About the Dangers of E-Cigarettes

Vaping devices like e-cigarettes have quickly risen in popularity, particularly among young people. While teens may see vaping as a harmless, fun social experience, there are dangers to using e-cigarettes. With vaping products available in dessert, candy, and fruit flavors, it seems like a great way for kids to be ‘cool’ these days. Unfortunately, according […]

Love Your Teeth: Teaching Healthy Habits to Your Children

Before children are able to care for their own teeth, it’s important to begin teaching them healthy oral habits. Starting when kids get that very first teeth, you can begin working with them on dental hygiene and healthy practices so they can keep their mouth and teeth healthy for a lifetime. Here’s a closer look […]

Why We Use Nitrous Oxide in Pediatric Dentistry

If your child is scheduled for a pediatric dentistry procedure soon, you may be a bit concerned about the anesthetic, especially if it’s your child’s first time with nitrous oxide. There’s great news, though: nitrous oxide is a highly reliable choice for pediatric dentistry procedure, and there are multiple reasons that the Pediatric Dentistry of […]