Snoring & Tooth Decay: The Link

Breathing through the mouth is quite well known as a possible cause of snoring — but did you know that mouth breathing can also result in tooth decay? There are a number of reasons for this, and it’s mainly connected to saliva and bacteria. The Breathing and Tooth Decay Connection The connection between breathing and […]

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a type of protection for teeth that are particularly vulnerable to decay. While adults sometimes get dental sealants, they’re far more common in pediatric patients. Most children who get dental sealants have them only on certain teeth — usually, this would include all of the teeth in the back of the mouth. […]

Foods That Help Fight Cavities

Everyone knows that regular brushing and flossing can help keep cavities away, but did you know that the food you eat can also help in the fight against cavities? It is true! Some of the food you eat on a daily basis contains vitamins and minerals that naturally fight tooth decay and actively work to […]

Tips for Ditching Soda

From an early age, children are constantly being sent the message that drinking soda is a perfectly normal thing to do. So it comes as no surprise that when most children are thirsty they ask for their favorite carbonated soda drink instead of asking for water and milk, but before you hand over that glass […]

Best Tips for Starting Healthy Habits

Parents, through the parenting choices they make and the things they do, play a huge role in the habits their child develops. Follow some of these parenting tips and advice to help your child develop habits that will improve their oral health. Try to Always Stay Positive It can be difficult to stay positive about […]

How to Put an End to Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking may seem harmless, but it can cause significant issues for your child’s teeth. As your little one sucks his or her thumb, it places pressure on the upper palate and front teeth. This pressure can be especially detrimental as your little one’s palate is developing. In addition, although thumb sucking has the most […]

Why Your Child Should Brush Their Tongue

It’s important to work on establishing good oral hygiene habits while your child is young, including regular brushing and flossing. Since it’s often a struggle to get kids to take care of these tasks, you may not have thought beyond your child’s teeth to their tongue. Brushing is definitely important for preventing tooth decay and […]

What Are Your Teeth Made Out Of?

Kids have a great sense of curiosity, and they can ask really tough questions. They constantly wonder about the world around them and how things work. When it comes to teeth, your child may wonder what they are made of. Here is a bit of information to help with the answer. What are human teeth […]

Preventing Cavities in Children

Cavities are a common problem in children, and over 50% of children will have a cavity by the time they reach second grade. However, while childhood cavities are a common and serious problem, they can be prevented. Taking measures to prevent cavities in baby teeth is important, and it helps build good oral habits so […]