How to Make Brushing Fun


Sometimes getting your kids to brush can turn into a huge struggle, and it’s tough to figure out how to turn this daily fight into a healthy habit that will last a lifetime. The best thing you can do to help build this habit is to turn brushing into something fun. Kids respond well to fun, so how can you turn something as mundane as brushing into something exciting? Here are a few helpful tips and ideas you can use to make brushing a lot more fun so you stop the daily struggle in your house.

Get Your Child Involved by Letting Him Choose a Toothbrush

Kids love getting to pick stuff out at the store, so get your child involved in the teeth brushing process by taking him to the store and letting him choose a toothbrush himself. There are many fun options for kids to choose from, including bright colors and fun TV characters. Just make sure that your child choosing one that has soft or extra soft bristles on it. You can even let your child pick out his toothpaste. Many fun colors and flavors are available for kids, so let them make the choices to make things a lot more fun.

Come Up with a Fun Reward System

Incentives work well with kids, so consider coming up with a fun reward system that will hold kids accountable while rewarding them for sticking with their dental hygiene routine. You can go several different ways with a reward system. You can offer a small reward each day if they brush their teeth each time, or you can offer a sticker system and let them have a reward after filling up their stickers for a whole week. Some great reward ideas include a fun movie night or perhaps a trip to the store to pick out a new toy. You could even let older kids earn special privileges, such as extra internet or television time. However, it’s a good idea to avoid rewarding kids with sugary treats, since these can be bad for your child’s teeth.

Add Some Music to Brushing Time

Adding some music to brushing time can also make brushing more fun for your kids. There are several ways to add music to the brushing process. One idea is to make up your own funny song to sing while your kids are brush so they’re entertained. Another fun idea is to play your kids a sing-a-long music video while they are brushing along to the music. You can even find toothbrushes that play music while kids brush. Some come with multiple songs and will change songs when it’s time to switch from brushing the bottom teeth to brushing the top teeth. You may even want to try dancing around the bathroom with your kids while you all brush together to make things even more fun.

Have a Brushing Contest with Disclosing Solution

You can talk to your pediatric dentist about getting some disclosing solution. This solution can let you see how good of a job your child did at brushing his teeth. Turn brushing into a contest with your children. After they brush, use the solution to see how good of a job they really did. You don’t need to do this every day, but it’s a fun game to add in. If your child did a great job and you can see how great they did, offer a fun little reward. This is fun and it helps you make sure your child’s brushing is effective.

Switch Roles with Your Child

Be a role model to your kids by brushing along with them. Turn this into something fun by switching roles with your child. Let your child put some toothpaste on your toothbrush and set a timer for you to brush your teeth. You can even let them help you with the brushing part. They’ll get a chance to practice giving you all the oral hygiene directions you’ve given them in the past. When you’re done, switch it up and then let them do the brushing. They’ll love getting the chance to act like the parent, and switching up the roles can add a fun twist that will make brushing time easier and more exciting for everyone.

Of course, don’t forget to head into your pediatric dentist for regular cleanings and checkups. Your dentist can also talk to your child about good brushing habits and encourage them if the checkup shows they’re doing a great job at home.