Healthy Alternatives to Sugary Summer Snacks

With the warmer weather in full force, many people naturally think about stocking up on some of their child’s favorite summer snacks. Unfortunately, some of those favorites might just be full of sugar — and that’s bad for your child’s teeth, weight, and overall health. The good news is that many of the sugary summer snacks that you love can be painlessly replaced by something that’s much healthier. In fact, you can create healthy alternatives that your child might love just as much as their old sugary favorites. Read on to learn about the best summer sugary snack swaps for your child today.

Swap Ice Cream For “Nice” Cream

Ice cream is something that tastes especially delicious on a blazing hot summer day — but it’s high in sugar, fat, and calories. You can get the same taste sensation from an all natural source: fruit! You can make “nice” cream instead of ice cream by starting with frozen bananas. Once the bananas are rock hard, put them in a powerful blender to pulverize them into an ice cream like paste. The banana flavor is delicious on its own, or you can opt for other flavors by blending in frozen berries, coconut flakes, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, or other additions that your child will enjoy. If you’re craving chocolate ice cream, make the nice cream with a small amount of dark chocolate morsels. It gives you the flavor and texture you want without the drawbacks of ice cream. Ask your kids what flavor of nice cream they want to try next — they may enjoy helping you choose the blend-ins!

Swap Sugary Popsicles For a Natural Alternative

A sweet popsicle on a summer day is a favorite for kids and adults alike — but the sugar content in a typical popsicle is through the roof. You can easily make your own healthier version of this treat using natural fruit juices. Use a popsicle mold and wooden sticks to create popsicles with natural cranberry, raspberry, orange, apple, pineapple, or any other flavor you and your child love. Be sure to buy juices that say “unsweetened” or “no sugar added” — fruit juices are generally sweet enough to enjoy all on their own. If you crave a creamier texture — more like a yogurt pop — consider using coconut juice for a natural frozen popsicle treat. This is something that’s actually fun for kids to make as well as being fun to eat.

Swap Sugary Finger Foods For Fruity Finger Foods

Many people love to bring along finger foods for picnics and outdoor events during the summer, but many of them are sugary enough to send your child into sugar shock. Luckily, there’s a fun frozen finger food that nearly everybody loves: Frozen grapes. This snack just doesn’t get any easier: Simply freeze the grapes individually on a sheet for at least a few hours — they should be very hard and icy when ready. Whether you let them melt in your mouth or nibble them, this sweet frozen treat is something that you won’t have to feel guilty about eating this summer. Kids won’t even dwell on the fact that they’re eating healthy because finger foods are so much fun to eat. You can pack a zipper bag full of frozen grapes to keep them cold for quite a while — perfect to take poolside or to a picnic.

Ready For Your Summer Dental Check-Up?

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