Sugar and Your Child’s Teeth

Establishing healthy eating habits early on is essential for the sake of your child’s health. The effects that sugary foods have on their teeth could cause multiple complications down the road. Many parents do not realize the negative effects that sugar has on primary teeth (i.e., baby teeth) or the reason that cavities develop. Understanding the foods […]

Easy-to-Follow Tips for First-Time Flossers

Flossing is extremely important to your child’s oral health, but it’s not a skill they will develop on their own. Learning to floss adequately takes time and practice. That’s why it’s important for parents to show their children the right way to floss from a very young age, even before their regular dental check-ups. Developing A […]

Are Pacifiers Really That Bad?

New parents are faced with many questions about what’s best for their babies. A common question we get from new parents is, are pacifiers really that bad and what are the pros and cons of allowing or not allowing their baby to have a pacifier? There’s no easy way to answer this question. We’ll list the […]

Why We Use Nitrous Oxide in Pediatric Dentistry

If your child is scheduled for a pediatric dentistry procedure soon, you may be a bit concerned about the anesthetic, especially if it’s your child’s first time with nitrous oxide. There’s great news, though: nitrous oxide is a highly reliable choice for pediatric dentistry procedure, and there are multiple reasons that the Pediatric Dentistry of […]

Combating Child Obesity with Dental Health

When you bring your child to the dentist, you expect to discuss things such as how to properly brush and floss, lifestyle changes that can help improve your child’s oral health, and even what foods are dangerous for your child’s teeth. What you don’t expect to discuss is childhood obesity, but that is what is […]

When Should My Child Start Using Mouthwash?

Rinsing with mouthwash is an essential part of good oral care, but it can be difficult to know when it is time to introduce your child to mouthwash. A good rule of thumb is to introduce mouthwash after your child turns six years of age. When mouthwash is given prior to this age, your child […]

Treating Tooth Sensitivity in Children’s Teeth

Just like you, your child can experience painful tooth sensitivity. Learn more about what causes tooth sensitivity in children and how it can be treated. Discover the Reason for Tooth Sensitivity Before your child can be treated for tooth sensitivity, you need to know why this is happening. The cause of the tooth sensitivity will […]

Are Children at Risk for Gum Disease?

It is commonly believed that gum disease is a dental problem that only affects adults, but this isn’t entirely true. While gum disease is extremely common amongst adults that doesn’t mean children can’t develop it. Luckily, it is extremely easy to treat if it is caught in its early stages. Learn more about how gum […]

Why Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Most parents will eventually hear their children exclaim that they have a wiggly tooth. Just like the initial eruption of your little one’s baby teeth, the presentation of a wiggly tooth can be quite exciting. Nevertheless, you may not know why your child has to lose his or her baby teeth at all. Why do […]

5 Tips to Successfully Brushing Your Child’s Teeth

Parents know that getting a child to do most chores can be a challenge. That is no different when getting your child to take care of their dental health. In the early years of their lives, children are physically unable to properly clean their teeth. Even when they do become old enough to properly clean […]