Signs Your Child Needs Early Orthodontics

Waiting until your child is in their early to late teens to get braces may be a mistake. Correcting dental problems with early orthodontic treatment can help you save money and improve your child’s overall orthodontic experience. Not every child is in need of early orthodontic treatment. Learn some of the early signs that could […]

Back to School with Braces

Getting ready for the start of the new school year is a completely different experience when your child got braces over the summer break. Not only do you have to worry about purchasing all those school supplies and new clothing, but you have to make sure your child is properly prepared for how to care […]

Does My Child Need Braces?

Whether your child needs braces or not is a question that should be answered by an experienced, orthodontist. However, there are quite a few signs that you may notice as a parent that could indicate braces are needed. If orthodontic problems aren’t addressed properly and promptly, they can end up impacting your child’s oral health […]

Evaluating Your Child’s Orthodontic Needs

As your youngster grows, you may be increasingly concerned about the alignment of his or her teeth. Here is a bit of information to help you understand the signs that your child may need braces and the benefits of an orthodontic correction. Indications That Your Child Could Benefit From Braces Every child won’t need braces, […]

How Does Space Maintenance Work?

In an ideal world, children would lose their primary teeth and their permanent teeth would be ready to grow in. Unfortunately, things don’t always work that way. Children experience tooth decay or injury that results in early tooth loss. When this happens a dentist may recommend a space maintainer. If your child’s dentist has recommended […]

When to Start Considering Braces for Your Child

Orthodontic experts recommend that children be screened for braces between their 7th and 8th birthday. This is the recommended age because the child’s permanent first molars and the child’s upper and lower incisors have recently erupted or will soon erupt. At Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida, we know the importance of a healthy, vibrant smile. […]